Manifesto "I stay with the Creators Markets"

This Manifesto that you are about to read was born from the collaboration between a group of Market Organizers and several Creators who, concerned about the future of the latest events, state:

Creators Markets are being tremendously affected by the recent anti-Covid19 restrictions.

Due to the current Covid19 pandemic, movement restrictions, event cancellations, capacity limitations and all kinds of restrictions on people’s mobility have become a reality with which we must live. These mechanisms, although occasionally effective, have a devastating impact on the Creators’ Markets sector. These events need a continuous presence in urban environments, so any type of movement restriction has a catastrophic result in their day-to-day life.

The Creators Markets are a fundamental source of income for dozens of small creators and their entrepreneurial projects.

Creators’ Markets are a vital source of income for hundreds and thousands of dynamic, responsible and in many cases single-person economies: small tailoring workshops, illustrators, independent children’s clothing projects, artisan jewelers and small creators offering designer items. hand made. Although online sales increasingly have a more prominent weight in their economies, it is in the physical and real environments of the Creators’ Markets where these entrepreneurial projects can create their own community, establish long-term relationships and work for a stable turnover and durable.

Creators Markets can guarantee the maximum anti-Covid19 hygienic measures.

These Markets are usually held in open air spaces, guaranteeing excellent cross ventilation that, as numerous medical studies claim, greatly help prevent any Covid19 infection through aerosols. In addition to these characteristics, the Creators’ Markets are usually spaces with a high turnover of visitors, a factor that makes it difficult for the 20 minutes of exposure necessary to generate a new contagion to be transferred. Creators Markets are safe spaces for Covid19.

Manifesto "I stay with the Creators Markets"

The manifesto “I stay witrh the Creators Markets” regrets the disparity and arbitrariness of criteria applied in the recent movement restrictions that affect the Markets of Creators sector, in the same way that it shows its concern about the lack of economic viability of de dozens of independent design projects.

There are numerous cases, especially since last July, in which public administrations at various levels have adopted measuring rods of a very diverse nature when implementing movement and circulation restrictions. While hundreds of shopping centers and multinational superstores and even numerous street markets have continued to function normally or, in the worst case, with minimal capacity restrictions, the Creators Markets sector has been forced to adopt draconian measures or even cease their activities and close their fairs and markets. Cases like these have occurred throughout the Peninsula, and many organizations and creators have been affected.

If public authorities accept that large supermarkets and street markets can continue to operate, they suggest that they guarantee the pertinent hygienic measures to prevent the spread of Covid19. Therefore, the Creators’ Markets, many times smaller and generally open air, also guarantee them.

The signatories of this manifesto ask the public authorities to take into consideration the economic relevance of the Small Creators Markets and to apply homogeneous criteria among all the agents of our economic system.

They have already signed the manifesto

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